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Ready for your dream hair?

Specializing in custom, natural looking hand tied extensions.  I offer two hand tied methods, Natural Beaded Rows and The Luna Method. I would love to help you reach your hair goals

Ready to book a consultation?

Have more questions? Scroll down..... .we have answers. 


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what extensions are right for me?

What is the investment for extensions?

The methods used only use hand-tied hair.  This means the wefts are sewn together by hand, making them lighter and lay flatter to your head.  During your consultation we will discuss your goals and your hair to see if this method  is best for you.

The price varies based where you start and your desired end goal.  Because these extensions are customizable price is hard to narrow down without a consultation. The initial investment can range from $1200 to $4000. After a complimentary consultation, I can able to narrow the price based on desired length and how many rows are needed.

How often will I have to come in?

Your extensions will grow out with your natural hair, For this reason, they need to be moved up every 6-8 weeks. Removal is quick and easy.  We then refresh the color on your natural hair and the extension hair and put the extensions back in.  This ensures a seamless blend every time. 

Can I wear my hair up? Or workout?

Yes! This is my favorite part about wearing these extensions. Your hair can be worn in a ponytail, braided or bun without your extensions showing.. With proper maintenance you can workout, swim and live a happy active lifestyle. 

Will my hair be super long?

No! The length is totally customizable. These extensions can be worn in a fun bob, longer lob or mermaid hair.  Depending on the starting length, we have many customizable options for you. 

What to expect during your consultation.......

  • We will discuss your hair history

  • Talk about your goal, desired length, fullness and color

  • Go over any questions you may have

  • If we both decide it is a good fit, a $500 nonrefundable  retainer is taken to reserve your spot.  

What to expect during your first appointment.....

  • First you will be welcomed to the salon

  • We will go over your goals and the appointment

  • Then talk about the home care and maintenance so you feel confident taking care of you hair

  • Before pictures will be taken

  • The initial extension appointment is package pricing so your color, custom colored extensions, installation, cut and style is all included. 

  • Then the best part! The reveal and and and after photo shoot

  • You leave feeling the best, most confident version of yourself 

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